Fylde Agility - About Us

Founded in 2012, we are a friendly group of enthusiastic and experienced dog agility handlers and instructors. We pride ourselves on achieving results through positive reward based training, and strive to help every dog be the best that it can be. During the last five years members of Fylde Agility qualified for finals and semi-finals at some of the most prestigious events including Crufts, Discover Dogs and Olympia.

We train at beautiful venues across the heart of the Fylde and Wyre countryside, and offer dog agility training for every level of handler and all breeds of dog. Whether you are an absolute beginner, or just wanting to improve your handling, we can offer training to suit the needs of you and your dog.

All our instructors are active dog agility competitors, and many have qualified for a variety of national finals including those held at Crufts and Olympia. Our instructors have successfully competed in all grades and sizes, and with various breeds of dogs; this breadth and depth of knowledge regularly proves invaluable.

Our Instructors:

Bev Amor

Bev has been competing in agility for the last 28 years, during which time she has trained/handled a wide variety of breeds in all heights, and at all grades including KC Championship. Bev has qualified for most of the major agility finals, and has competed at both Crufts and Olympia.

"My interest lies in training young dogs, I love to watch them gather confidence and knowledge, and relish the challenge of helping them become the best they can be. I strongly believe that if the basics are taught carefully then you will succeed; good foundations are what it's all about!"

Bev currently competes with:
- "Zeta" : Border Collie
- "Sigma" : Border Collie
- "Finch" : Border Collie

James Amor

During James' agility career he has trained and handled a wide variety of breeds in all heights and most grades. James is a self-confessed gundog addict, having started his agility career with a working cocker spaniel (which reached Grade 6 before sadly retiring very early). James currently handles at Grade 7 and KC Championship level.

James has a diverse background as a trainer, initially as a target shooting instructor, then as a motorsport medical instructor, before beginning his agility instructor career with Dig-It Dogs in Cheshire.

James has competed in the Olympia Agility Finals, qualified for KC Championship finals, and multiple national finals. James and Zeta are the current UK Agility Performance Challenge Champions.

"I believe the three most important components of agility are motivation, motivation, and motivation. Every dog has the potential to improve, and I believe the key to unlocking this potential is for the dog to think that a fun game just got better. I love to watch the dog gain confidence, the handler gain confidence, and then the partnership progress - I get a real buzz from being part of this process."

James currently competes with:
- "Spider" : Working Cocker Spaniel
- "Zeta" : Border Collie
- "Bee" : Pre-competition Rescue Crossbreed

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