One-to-One Agility Training with Fylde Agility

Training on a one to one basis is an effective way to really get the most out of you and your dog.

Whether you prefer training on a individual basis, or feel there are aspects of your performance that would benefit from some targeted fine-tuning, our one-to-one sessions can cater for your needs. As well as our general improvement sessions, we have successfully delivered training sessions targeted at weave performance, contact accuracy & speed, drive/motivation, and puppy/young-dog ground work.

We offer one-to-one sessions on Monday and Wednesday daytimes between 10am and midday, and are held at our well equipped training venue throughout the year.

Sessions cost £20 for a thirty-minute session, or £30 for a one hour session

If you would like to enquire about availability, or to book a one-to-one session,
please don't hesitate to Contact Us